Evolution: From designer to blogger

Olivia (Yu) Gao is a fashion designer and photography enthusiast based in New York City.

An avid, lifelong fashion fanatic, Olivia has had the privilege of making her passion her profession for over five years.

Art influences everything in Olivia’s life, and she is constantly inspired by encounters and experiences both ordinary and extraordinary. Olivia was born in China, and studied at the London College of Fashion. She’s currently majoring in design at Parsons School of Design in New York. Her heritage and her travels have influenced her perspective both as an individual and as a designer.

Olivia has also interned for internationally-acclaimed fashion designer Zac Posen, an experience which gave her valuable insight into the world of high fashion from the front lines.

Olivia has been a part of the style creation process from the atelier to the runway, lending her a unique perspective as an artist, stylist and blogger.

Olivia has an acute awareness of all elements of style, from the particulars of different textiles to the ways in which an item can be best complemented by carefully-selected accessories and secondary pieces.


Working with the Posen team further broadened her scope of knowledge in this and numerous other areas, including the ways in which fashion is marketed and sold to consumers.

Olivia seeks to be a reliable and relatable source, connecting readers and fashion enthusiasts the world over with each other and the industry in a manner as accessible as it is informative and aesthetically pleasant.

As a stylist, Olivia is selective about the pieces and brands she chooses, and highlights only those she respects and deems wearable and of sound design.

She enjoys curating original, trend-setting head-to-toe outfits as much as she loves conceptualizing and creating her next design piece.

Olivia has a keen eye for quality and is adept at pairing pieces in a manner that appears both elegant and effortless.

For her, each item, from shoes to pendants and everything in between, is a piece of a delicate creative puzzle.

She believes great fashion is a work of art, and aspires to make the world a more beautiful place by creating such art in her workroom, curating it in her studio, capturing it through the lens of her camera, and sharing it with readers.

Both as a designer and a blogger, Olivia aims to exemplify that stunning fashion can be attained by all.

Always in search of the next fashion revelation, and always on top of current trends, Olivia hopes to help others in deciphering how to carry the latest looks from the ateliers and runways of Milan, Paris and New York to the streets, all while preserving the character and appeal of a look and its principle pieces.

She particularly enjoys showing ways in which staple pieces, such as a black dress, a white shirt, or a go-to pair of functional yet fashionable shoes, can be dressed in a variety of ways to create a fresh new look appropriate whatever the occasion.

As multifaceted as Olivia herself, the blog will also touch on other topics including lifestyle and beauty, each of which are also passions of its author.

Olivia’s areas of expertise as a designer include womenswear, footwear, accessories and knitting/knitwear. She currently has a collection of each, viewable at her website: oliviagao.co